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Protecting What Matters Most

Residential Roofing Services

Diversified Roofing is committed to providing customers with the highest quality workmanship and customer service.

Here are some of the benefits of using Diversified Roofing for your residential roofing needs:

  • Experienced and certified professionals: Diversified Roofing’s team of roofers is highly experienced and certified.  We are certified installers for OC platinum, Malarkey Emerald, CertainTeed, Mulehide, and Top of The Roof. They are trained in the latest roofing techniques and use the highest quality materials.
  • Wide range of services: Diversified Roofing offers a wide range of residential roofing services, including new construction roof installation, reroofs, roof maintenance, and roof repairs. This means that you can get all of your roofing needs met from one company.
  • We specialize in all types of residential roofing including shingles, pro panel, standing seam, TPO, EPDM, as well as combinations of different roofing materials.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced residential roofing contractor, then Diversified Roofing is the company for you. Contact them today for a free consultation and estimate.

New Roof and Roof Installation

New Construction

Diversified Roofing specializes in New Construction Roofing. We can review the plans of your dream home before it is ever a reality and give you an exact quote. We work closely with our local builders to make sure your dream home is always taken care of throughout the building process.

Bring New Life to Your Existing Roof


If you have a roof that needs to be replaced, Diversified Roofing can take care of you. We understand that your roof serves as the primary defense against the elements of one of your most important investments and possessions, your home. We have a team of experienced residential roof salesmen and installers that are ready to take care of any of your roofing needs.

Maintain Your Roof

Roof Maintenance

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Bring New Life to Your Existing Roof

Roof Repair

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Protect Your Property from Damage

Gutters and Ventilation

Diversified Roofing also specializes in custom metal seamless gutters. If you need new gutters, you have found the right company. We make our custom gutters on site.

Diversified Roofing takes pride in knowing that we are one of the only roofing contractors in this region that have been certified by Lomanco for roofing ventilation. Most of the homes in the United States are not ventilated correctly. This can result in condensation, mold, and premature aging of your roof. You will have peace of mind when using Diversified Roofing that your ventilation will be correct once we are done with your roof.

Professional Advice and Estimates

Insurance Claims

Diversified Roofing is one of the only roofing companies in the region that specializes in insurance claims. We will run the claim from the initial inspection to the completion of the project. If your roof has been affected by a storm, whether it is currently leaking or not, there could be unforeseen issues that need to be resolved. We conduct physical inspections looking for insurance claimable damage, as well as run doppler reports to ensure accuracy with the claim for the insurance company. We will meet the insurance adjuster on site to ensure they do not miss any of the damage we have documented. We will help facilitate your claim ensuring the insurance company gives you the money you are deserved for the scope of work needed to fix your roof.

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